ScheduleSource TeamWork™ provides Workforce Management Software for complex scheduling and time tracking scenarios.


TeamWork provides a built-in bidding system to award both work schedules and vacations. Enforce thresholds by group, employee, or day. Utilize multiple rounds with different rules for customized assignment processes.


Build schedules based on forecasted targets, bidding results, or rotating and repeating templates. Handle the schedule changes quickly with availability insights, autofill tools, and employee self-service.

Time Tracking

Enable real-time clocking to projects and tasks, or utilize time cards for cost accounting entries. Supports overtime and pay differentials as well as points-based attendance tracking.


TeamWork provides a highly customizable reports and querying system. Slice and dice your data as needed and build a library of standard reports for your organization. Schedule delivery to users, employees, clients, etc. as needed.


Share events and communications across your workforce. Enable real-time notifications based on schedule changes, leave approvals, and shift reminders.

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